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Who We Are

We would like to introduce ourselves to you! We are Dry Creek Bloodhounds, comprised of Tony Wilburn and Kim Noyes, we are located in Leslie, Missouri and we own scent specific trailing hounds. We are just starting to offer our volunteer services to our area,

Tony has K9 Allie who is certified in mantrailing with K-STAR in Kentucky and AMPWDA (American Mantrailing and Police Working Dog Association) and Mattie who is very young and just being started, we hope to certify her in mantrailing and HRD.

Kim has Beau who is field ready and the plan is for him to certify in early December in Kentucky with K-STAR.

We are very new to this, though not new to the hounds in general. We pride ourselves in dedication to training the very best dogs we can. We have researched and bought quality hounds, many of our two puppy’s direct/close relatives are in LE here in the states and also several have been exported. Their immediate parents and grandparents are working in the field now and they are from multiple generation working lines that are well proven.


We go to seminars and training's whenever we can get away and have been to Kentucky and Indiana several times in the past 6 months to train with people that are involved in SAR and LE to get the best education we can. Tony just returned from a week of training with AMPWDA and his hound was very well respected there.


We, of course, can make no guarantee that we can find who you are looking for, but chances are real good that we can help you do it! Using hounds for trailing takes the potential for a bite out of the equation, these guys are not patrol dogs, they are pets with an enormous ability to follow scent and they love all people equally. We are able to help with lost people and with suspects that you know where they started from and they have fled.

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